D.I.V.E is a 4 week-long learning program focused on building solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with Xavier-Emlyon Business School to be held in Mumbai in November 2019. As a participant of D.I.V.E:

  • You’ll innovate new products
  • You’ll also frame new business models
  • You’ll be exposed to a challenging context and through design thinking exercises, discussions, workshops, analysis, propose new solutions to real world problems


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the primary focus of many economies in reaching a common denominator to tackle challenges at scale. Using this framework gives the participants a broader insight into the various initiatives undertaken by organisations and the gap that keeps most of the solutions from its intended target audiences. The gap can be the solution itself or any of the unforeseen points in the whole process.

Through this program we aim to achieve:

  • A clear understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • How to innovate in some of the most common areas with minimal resources
  • Understand the relevance of Jugaad in the larger scheme of things
  • A sustainable product and a business model to oversee its relevance

A robust methodology

A global classroom unlike any other. The program not only leads you through a process of solution making but through its open-ness allows anyone to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind learning program. It starts with diversity in culture, ethnicity, skills, observations, experiences and democratises building solutions at a scale.

The participants, all diverse in nature go through the following process:

  • Team formations
  • Panel discussion on UNSDG
  • Design Thinking process
    • Identifying a problem
    • Proposing a solution
  • Field visits
  • Case studies
  • Paper prototyping
  • Skill upgrade exercises/workshops
  • Hands-on building
  • Business model canvas
  • Mentor reviews
  • Presentations
  • Demo
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Post program incubation


Mentors play a key role in directing teams towards a viable solution. With their experience teams gain insights into the innovation and business cycles of organisations. As has been the tradition, the mentors come from various walks of life. Social Entrepreneurs, Head of Design, Key policy makers, Hardware enthusiasts, Business and Marketing Executives, Change Makers are the kind of mentors to be expected.

Mentors from March 2019

Mentors for November 2019 will be updated shortly.

Program dates

DIVE is a 1 month long weekdays only program. The dates will be announced soon!

Course fee

The course fee for the duration of D.I.V.E 2019 Program is 40,000/- INR.

Participants can avail scholarship of up to 75% based on merit of their application/profile

Program fee is exclusive of 18% GST

D.I.V.E Cycles

D.I.V.E is a bi-annual program which takes place in March and November at Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai.

March 2019

Closed for applications

Program fee: INR 40,000

November 2019

Open for applications

Program fee: INR 40,000


How to apply

  1. Download the application form.
  2. You will receive a transaction receipt with link to the application form over your registered email.
  3. Choose the scholarship bucket (Regular / 50% / 75%) and fill the form along with a one-minute video on YouTube.
  4. Submit the application before.
  5. Wait for the acceptance email.

Age limit: 16+


Scholarships are granted based on merit and is at the discretion of the Steering Committee

Scholarship: Upto 90%

Application deadline

The application deadline is 30th September. Only 30 seats are left.


Download D.I.V.E. March Report

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