D.I.V.E March 2019 | Maker’s Asylum

D.I.V.E 2019

D.I.V.E is a 1 month long, project-based experiential learning program which Maker’s Asylum will be conducting in March 2019 in partnership with XAVIER-EMLYON Business School.

The program is focused on bringing together various stakeholders which include entrepreneurs, students and corporate organisations. Participant’s will get a unique firsthand experience in the areas of frugal innovation, BOP economics, social innovation, social enterprise and CSR to name a few.

Design. Innovate. Venture. Experience

Challenges for D.I.V.E

The challenges are based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aimed at developing Digital pedagogies for Building Peaceful and Sustainable Societies. Participants will work in teams with mentors and peers from the industry, academia, government and the scientific community.

Program Structure


The participants also get

Course certificate recognised by XAVIER-EMLYON Business School (XEBS) in its 6 campuses across the globe. On successful completion of the program you will get an access to XEBS’ infrastructure by means of opportunities to:

  • Pursue research at XEBS
  • Apply for a job/internship
  • Apply to courses offered by the Business School

Course Fee

The course fee for the duration of D.I.V.E 2019 Program is 80,000/- INR all inclusive. Participants can avail scholarship of up to 75%

How to apply

  1. Pay an application fee of 500/-
  2. You will receive a transaction receipt with link to the application form over your registered email.
  3. Choose the scholarship bucket (Regular / 50% / 75%) and fill the form along with a one-minute video on YouTube
  4. Submit the application before 10th February 2019
  5. Wait for the acceptance email
50% Scholarship

Recommended for students

50% Scholarship: 40, 000/-

75% Scholarship

Recommended for entrepreneurs

75% Scholarship: 20,000/-

90% Scholarship

Recommended for artists, designers, S.T.E.A.M School Alumni

90% Scholarship: 8,000/-

Application Deadline

Application deadline extended to 20th February, 2019