Post-Apocalyptic School | Maker’s Asylum

Post Apocalyptic School

A 5-day long workshop focused on building essential skills to survive an apocalypse. You are always never prepared for something. The Post Apocalyptic School will equip you with an out-of-the-box thought process to solve problems.

Survival 101

A group of ET’s from a distant galaxy have had an eye on Maker’s Asylum for a while. In their quest to take over this planet and its resources they have spread a deadly virus which has turned the members of Maker’s Asylum into Zombies. Everyone here is now after your dear life. Chaos is everywhere. These zombies only understand one language, the one of terror and nightmares. They feed on anything and everything including humans. Their weakness? They don’t have eyelids and cannot bear the harsh rays of Sun. But, once the darkness seeps in they crawl out in numbers one after the other in hundreds in search of warm blooded humans to feed on. They are the walking-dead, creeping across streets hunting down humans, turning them into zombies and multiplying their count.

Your mission as a participant of the Post Apocalyptic School is to organise all living beings and look after your’s and their survival using the new skills you learn and resources to maneuver through Maker’s Asylum to your extraction point.


Build your own FM radio and transmitters.


Repair 101, learn to fix and maintain safe mode of transit

Self defense

Defense mechanisms to eliminate threat

Generate energy

DIY Kinetic torch to navigate in hostile environment

Your Mission

Your target for the Post Apocalyptic School is to reach the extraction point from anywhere using tools, weapons and survive the apocalypse. But most importantly you’ll have to think and apply ways of coming up with solutions.

Age: 13+


Survival Camp 1

10th June - 14th June

3:00pm - 7:00pm: {"number_string"=>"9500"}

Survival camp 2

To be announced soon

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm: {"number_string"=>"9500"}