After a successful S.T.E.A.M School 2018 and the launch of D.I.V.E 2019, we bring to you yet another program to provide a global learning experience, this time in Paris, France. The SDG School 2019 Edition is a one month long project based program which Maker’s Asylum will be co-organising with Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity, Paris

The program is designed to give you access to a platform where you can voice an opinion, take an action and create an impact alongside young leaders from across the globe.

SDG School framework

The framework for SDG School 2019 Edition is based on the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations to be reached by 2030. These goals are a blueprint to achieve a better and a sustainable future for all cultures around the globe. These goals address challenges faced by economies both in the developed and the developing nations in the areas of education, healthcare, equalitiy, energy, production, consumption, climate change and strategic partnerships

Program details

The SDG School program consists of two modules (STEAM and IMPACT) which will be conducted within a time frame of 4 weeks at Cité des Sciences and CRI, Paris. The components of each module are as follows:

STEAM (1st July - 13th July)

  • Identify social challenges and frame problem statements within the european context
  • Use Rapid Prototyping to implement a project

IMPACT (14th July - 27th July)

  • Innovate with a meaning-driven, human-centered vision of technology
  • Contextualise the project
  • Prototype with research and entrepreneurship methodologies

How it works?

You can opt to attend either for 2 weeks or 4 weeks of the program.

Please note:

Only the projects with market potential will be shortlisted for the IMPACT module. Candidates whose projects don’t get selected and have choosen the 4 Week module while applying will be reshuffled to these high potential projects.

This way candidates get an opportunity to learn outside the framework of their ongoing projects and also get to contribute and test their skills

Why you should apply?

  • Opportunity to co-learn with the best and the most diverse minds
  • Hands on learning in some of the most advanced digital fabrication labs
  • Exposure to global issues and a chance to solve real world problems using technology
  • Network of like minded tinkerers / makers for life
  • Mentorship from some of the most brilliant change makers

What you can expect

Program Fee


Duration: 1st July - 13th July

Program fee: 900€


Duration: 1st - 27th July

Program fee: 1500€

The program fee will cover costs for:

  • Tuition fees
  • All day sessions and workshops
  • Materials and documentation tools
  • Access to labs and facilities at Cité des Sciences & CRI
  • Mentorship all through the program stages
  • Certification

Travel, accommodation and meals are not included in the program fee

Scholarships available. The grant of scholarship lies solely within the discretion of the Steering Committee.

Executive Steering Committee


Key dates

Registrations Open : 18th March 2019

Application deadline : 15th May, 2019

Shortlisting of Candidates: First week of May, 2019

Program at, Paris : 1st July - 26th July, 2019

One Learning Planet Assembly : 26th - 27th July 2019

Who should apply?

Corporate Young Leaders, Students from Design, Engineering, Art, Business, Law, Health, Policy and other backgrounds, Entrepreneurs/Freelancers, High School graduates focused on STEAM

The program is focused on bringing together a diverse group of individuals passionate about creating an impact and changing the world.

Age: 16 and above

Support SDG School

If you or your organisation would like to support the SDG School program or its participants please write to us. Building a sustainable future is a collaborative effort and we would like to have as many partners as possible in this endeavour.


Help generate awareness about the program


Conduct Workshops, Mentorship, send your students for the program (participation / volunteer)


Sponsor materials used by participants for prototyping


Provide support to teams post programs in terms of funding, incubation, mentorship post-program


Provide customised travel packages

Become a host

If you have a couch lying idle or a spare room or a buddy who’s travelling abroad and don’t know what to do with the room then welcome the participants of SDG School into your homes and enhance their experience of living in Paris.

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