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We are hiring!

We are always on the look out for creative, problem solvers to join our small and effective team both in Mumbai & Delhi. We don’t necessarily identify with a workplace but a space where you get a bit of frustration, madness, noise, euphoria, adventure, laughter, memories, new bonds and connections and a lot of growth, both personal and professional. We vibe well with folks who know how to have fun while getting all the tasks at hand checked out from the to-do list.

We are new in the way we function and so are the challenges. So if you are up for a dynamic workplace like our’s we have some challenges for you! Are you up for it?

Lab Manager

We are looking for an enthusiastic, outspoken, active, tool-nerd maker for the role of a Lab Manager at Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai. We have three distinct, fully functional labs where we conduct workshops, learn and experiment on ideas. Used to build prototypes, these labs are

  1. Wood Lab
  2. Metal work Lab
  3. Digital Fabrication Lab
  4. Electronics Lab

To qualify for the role of a Lab Manager, you must

  • Know how to build prototypes, for example, if we throw an idea at you, you must be able to come up with a design solution.
  • Know how to operate a
    • Laser cutting machine
    • 3D Printer/CAD
    • All Power tools
    • Basics of welding (Arc/MIG/TIG)
  • Conduct a workshop for a group of 10 - 25 people
  • Upkeep of the labs with the required and updated tools, material and equipments.
  • Provide assistance to the members with the usage of the tools and machinery in the labs.
  • Create/deliver new and exciting content and project as per the labs for conducting workshops
  • Have good communication and people handling skills for the workshop and walk-ins at the space.
  • Should be able to understand and offer the appropriate membership and workshops to the guests

Open Position: 2

Location: Mumbai

Operations Head

The Position of Operations-Head reports to the Head of the Center who in turn reports to the Advisory Committee having nominees from RSET and Steag. The position of Operations Head is a key managerial position and the incumbent has to be involved from the initial stages to help build up the unique innovation hub as a collaborative venture between the College and Industry. They will be assisted by two space managers working in shifts.

The role of the Operations-Head is outlined below:

  • Managing the rostering and reporting for the space managers for the shift and weekly off.
  • Purchase and maintenance for material/machinery/tools for the centre.
  • Should liaise with the local eco space to bring synergy in identifying projects relevant to the objectives of the Centre and thereafter in execution by identifying mentors and additional facilities in the vicinity.
  • Should be able to prepare proposals for domestic and international agencies willing to assist in the funding of the projects to be carried out at space.
  • Replying email and answering query related to the space and workshops.
  • Allocation of the task to the staff members and tracking work progress.
  • Coordination with Partners and Mentors for ongoing and upcoming projects.
  • Manage Logistics for the workshops - Materials, space arrangement, Food and Beverages, etc.
  • Create monthly MIS reports on activities, procurement and participants.
  • Manage expenses and reimbursements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology/ Design, Curriculum and Instruction or similar.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in maker movement and operations management.
  • Experience with a wide range of digital technology tools especially Arduino, Makey Makey, 3D printing, Laser and vinyl cutting ideally.
  • Proficient in Google Apps for Education, Adobe, Microsoft Office, Tinker CAD
  • Experience with programming languages such as, Python, Beetleblocks, JavaScript, and HTML ideally would be an added advantage.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, written and team collaboration skills.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with people of all ages & backgrounds.
  • Solve real-world problems and deal with abstract variables on projects

Location: Kochi

Open positions: 1

Space Manager

The Position of Space Managers reports to the Operations-Head who in turn reports to the Head of the Centre. The position of Space Manager is a key technical position and the incumbent has to be involved from the initial stages to help build up the unique innovation hub as a collaborative venture between the College and Industry. He will be working in shifts which could include Sundays and other holidays. The first shift will not normally start before 8 am and the second shift will not normally extend beyond 10 pm. However, the Space manager should be prepared to work flexibly according to requirements though the total working hours will not exceed 48 hours a week.

  • Maintenance and upgrade of the lab tools.
  • Good knowledge to use any of Power Tools and at least two of the following: 3D printers, Laser cutter, Electronics and CNC.
  • Good attitude towards learning and teaching.
  • Good communication skills to be able to effectively conduct trainings for students.
  • Assist students with using the tools effectively and safely.
  • Communicate about projects and usage of tools to visitors.
  • Effective documentation of activities at the space.
  • Reporting to the Operations Head
  • Sourcing materials from vendors and vendor management.
  • Inventory management.


  1. ITI or Diploma in Engineering.
  2. Minimum 3 year’s experience working on hardware projects and related equipment
  3. Candidates with experience in digital technology tools eg Arduino, Makey Makey, 3D printing, Laser and vinyl cutting would be given preference.
  4. Communicate clearly and effectively with people of all ages & backgrounds.
  5. Basic knowledge of documentation tools such as Excel, Google docs.

Open Positions :

Kochi: 2

Mumbai: 1

Maker in Residence

We are looking for energetic, passionate and zen like Maker’s to join our small and effective team at the Asylum’s space in Mumbai. The role is simple but comes with a truck load of responsibilities and will keep you on the tip of your toes, quite literally, well maybe sometimes you’ll get to breathe, we are not promising. Jokes aside, we are looking for someone who can organise and execute tasks like it’s nobody’s business!

A Maker in Residence is someone who:

  • Facilitates in conducting workshops at the Asylum
  • Delivers content / teaches participants about a particular workshop while juggling knives set on fire, we mean to say questions thrown by participants in a workshop
  • Crowd puh-lease-err, keeps the tempo/truck/auto-rickshaw in a workshop high. No dull moments. Experience is the keyword. We want it to be like Disneyland/Chocolate factory.
  • Knows how to operate:
    1. Power tools or
    2. 3D Printer or
    3. Laser cutter or
    4. All of the above

    Like a boss! Like mind blowing sweep-me-off of the floor types. You got the point, right?

  • Manages and keeps stock of all herds/sheep’s/inventory in their respective labs
  • Thinks that tools can sing beautifully when trained right, we mean that they are maintained, greased, test run-ned from time-to-time
  • Is a quick learner and can execute on their feet like a Formula 1 pit crew member.

What the Maker in Residence stands to gain:

  • Be a part of the Maker movement
  • Design / strategise products/programs
  • If you want to build something, we will support you with funding of upto 1 Lac INR
  • Mentorship and access to makers as well as organisations
  • Kickass work culture and free hogging rights at our monthly barbeque evenings
  • Freedom from a 9 - 5 monotonous job
  • Opportunity to grow / build something meaningful

Location: Mumbai

Open Position: 2 Mississippi

When: Immediately

Interested candidates must share:

  • Cover letter*
  • Idea of a product that they would like to build*
  • Portfolio link
  • Resume (qualifications, past experience, expected CTC)*
  • LinkedIn profile link (optional)

*Accepted format: PDF