Maker in Residence – Mumbai

If you have a great project in mind but limited availability of tools or space to make it happen, or if you are looking for a strong community to support you in this adventure, we need you! We are looking for people willing to create a positive impact on the world, with innovative ideas and a passion for making!

Introducing our ‘Maker in Residence’ program. A 4 to 8 month residency at Maker’s Asylum, which gives you the chance to build your dreams in an environment designed to foster innovation and creative problem solving.

Come help spread the love for making while building your portfolio as you acquire new skills and pass it on to the rest of our community. Explore collaborative ideation unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

As part of the residency, you’ll be provided:

  • Training on all the tools & equipment at the Asylum.

  • Unlimited access to tools & equipment.

  • Support in raising sponsorship for your project within the range of INR 50000 to INR 300000 from our partners. * Depends on Project.

  • Support in getting resources like materials, special tools, etc.

  • Full support from the mentors at the Asylum.

  • Dedicated space to work on your project.

  • Platform to showcase your talent: showcase projects, conduct workshops and courses.

  • Ownership: All IP related to the project will belong to you. The physical project will also belong to you.


  • We suggest you to plan your time at the Asylum as follows:

    • Project work: 1/3rd of your time should be dedicated towards your big residency project.

    • 1/3 rd of your time should be dedicated to give back to the community via conducting workshops and training.

    • Helping members / other community projects: 1/3rd of your time.

  • Your engagement at the Asylum should be for minimum of 4 months and maximum of 12 months.

Application Procedure:

  • Send email to with info about yourself and the project you want to work on.

  • Attach your resume, past project documentations (pictures / blog post / link / published papers / presentations etc).