Upcycool | Maker’s Asylum

Upcycool is an app that aims at increasing the tendency of people to upcycle by gamifying the process. The app has inbuilt tools that will tabulate and share user progress in terms of being a bearer, supplier of materials, maker, or organizer. Users can choose what materials they have and use the app to access projects that can be made with their specific waste, look at and purchase pre-existing projects made from waste, and find places where similar projects are being worked on and potentially help out. Additionally, you can use the network to ask for materials, transportation, etc. and other users will gain points for helping out.


Celia Parraud-Apparu, Susmeet Jain, Irina Biovir-Idier, Shwetaketu Dighe, Himanshu Erande, Rainy Khurana Sarna