Innovation. Implemented

The new buzz word globally!

Today, most of the innovation comes from high-tech labs and research centres. We’d like to see a world where ideas that shape the future come from our kids. After all, they have the most imaginative minds. We’re sure, you agree. And so, we conceptualised #STiTCH - a hackathon that encourages kids to express their innovation through hands-on and interdisciplinary learning.

Who: Ideal for students students from Grade 7 to Grade 9

When: To be announced

Where: Maker’s Asylum FabLab, Delhi and Mumbai

Fee: INR 10,000 + taxes inclusive of materials

#STiTCH. Explained

#STiTCH is devised on 3Cs - conceptualise, collaborate & co-create. The first session of #STiTCH was launched in Singapore for a select group of students and is now being presented in India. To give the best immersive experience to the participants, we will be enrolling only 30 students per session.

Participants will work in teams and create prototypes incorporating all the learnings and can choose from an array of available tools, components and materials. The emphasis is to think+build. The key is to deliver a prototype that could be wild and whacky but built from ideas conceptualised by the participants, not by the mentors and experts.

This brings in aspects of interdisciplinary learning which is now gaining currency globally.

#STiTCH. 5 Principles

#STiTCH cultivates five key principles helping kids succeed as innovators later in life over the two and a half days.

Stitch 5 Principles

01 Design Thinking

Energise a child’s innovative framework through play-way; taking offbeat approaches to arrive at a logical conclusion.

02 Kinesthetics

Hands-on experiential learning is gaining currency the world over and is an interesting method to foster out-of-the-box thinking.

03 Paper Prototyping

An idea remains just that if it doesn’t make it to the prototyping stage. To bring an idea to life, working with basic materials and observational drawing on paper is the simplest.

04 Peer Review

Most often, kids get feedback from elders. Reviews by peers are however, key to co-creating and fosters a feeling of collaboration.

05 Presentation

Presentation brings alive the impact behind the innovation and gives innovators an opportunity to showcase the passion.

#STiTCH. Video

#STiTCH. Schedule

Day 1 (2pm - 6pm) Introduction to hackathon Afternoon
Form Teams, Timelines & Schedules
Introduction to available resources and demos
Day 2 (9.30am - 5pm) Design Thinking Morning
Paper Prototyping
Testing Afternoon
Prototyping using kits
Elevator Pitch to Mentors + Review
Day 3 (9.30am - 5pm) Testing Morning
Final Prototyping Afternoon

A certificate of completion will also be given at the end of the workshop.