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Maker’s Asylum is a makerspace where you can learn practical engineering, design and maker skills to make your ideas happen!

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Maker’s Asylum began when the ceiling of EyeNetra’s office in Mumbai fell down and broke all the furniture. Vaibhav, a carpenter by passion, hit social media looking for like-minded people in the city to join him in rebuilding the tables for his office. On November 7, 2013, eight DIY enthusiasts turned up at EyeNetra’s office and they made 3 tables on the first day.


Profile Building Beyond Academics

This hybrid program offers an unparalleled creative learning environment where you get to meet like minded talents and start a life long journey of learning!

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1:1 Live Online Learning - Start your maker journey with our hands on courses especially made for alternative learning for everyone!


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Our very own indigenous retail store where you can find unique products such as hardware kits, safety gears and much more.

SDG School 2021

Experiential Learning SDG SCHOOL 2021

We are back with its flagship program this year in December with its various partners to work on problems aligned to the UN Sustainable...

Alumni Speak

At Maker's Asylum I found the freedom to make and break while learning from an amazing community.

Shakti Shaligram

Human Centered Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am very grateful for having Maker's Asylum in my life. When I left school I didn't really know what to do but whenever I went to the Asylum it was like nothing else mattered, I got so many opportunities and got to learn so much from different people. Me being the youngest technically I wasn't allowed to use the tools in other places but at the Asylum I could do anything I wanted. I will always be really grateful to everyone cause it really changed my life to say the least.

Sam Mathew

Technology Entrepreneur & Home Schooler

Surrounded by so many talented and creative entrepreneurs, I was inspired to turn an idea into a product. This led to the birth of our prototype mobile app, Bougebeta. As I worked alongside various people from different backgrounds, I realised that hard work and passion are enough to change the world.

Nakul Khambati

High School Graduate, Dhirubhai Ambani International School Mumbai

I am what I am because of my time in Maker's Asylum. I am a product designer and a product of Maker's Asylum.

Girish Malage

Industrial Designer, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Makers Asylum provides an environment that fosters innovation, inspiration, and impact. This has helped me create a product for sewage workers, from scratch, and work towards my first patent.

Tarika Vohra

Engineering, Columbia University

Maker's Asylum, was a space that taught the engineer in me to innovate and think beyond the bookish perspective.

Suvesha Chandrasekaran

University of Washington

Since 2014, Maker's Asylum has always been my go-to place to do fun activities, learn about impactful tools and technologies, acquire new skills, create cool innovations, meet interesting people, and collectively contribute to addressing some pressing problems in our societies. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary social innovation ecosystem, and served as a hub to meet like-minded people who were interested to support my work (then at REDX WeSchool) and professional aspirations (to study and pursue a career in interdisciplinary life sciences in France).

Forum Shah

Master's, The Center of Research & Interdisciplinarity, Paris

Makers asylum helped me understand a global perspective on sustainability. It was during the program that I understood the real potential of sustainable design and development and has taken me to where I am today! It also gave me friends for life, and even though we were all together only for a month, it feels like we've been friends for years!!

Tanvi Mohan

Sustainable Innovation, The Sustainable Design School France

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Our Interview with The Better India

Where would you find an engineer, an artist, a doctor and a designer working together? Take a sneak peek into the world of Maker's Asylum, meet the pioneers of India’s maker movement, and see the mind-blowing innovations developed by this diverse community of creators!